Qlima Premium Club: get rewards for your fuel purchase

Join the Qlima Club! Collect points with every fuel
purchase and get rewarded

Earn & redeem

As you earn Qlima points, you can redeem it for rewards of your choice. Like products and spare parts from our webshop, and more.

Let’s fire it up: get 2 points
for free

The fastest way to earn your first Qlima point? Sign up! If you join now, you'll immediately unlock your first 2 Qlima points.

Unlock free products & discounts

You can redeem your Qlima points for free, spare parts, and accessiories. Or save for high discounts. Start redeeming with as little as
15 points

How it works:easy as 1, 2, 3

Creating an account on our website is easy and takes less than a minute. We only ask for your name, email address and a password. That's all. After registering you can start collecting and redeeming your Qlima points.

  1. Easily create an online account

    Registration is easy. Just create an account on our website, and you’re all set to start collecting and redeeming your Qlima points.

  2. Add Qlima points to your account

    Scan the unique QR code printed on the inside of the fuel packaging sleeve for Qlima points to be added to your account. Make sure to sign into your account prior to scanning the QR code.

  3. Redeem your Qlima points for rewards

    Every time you invest in Qlima fuel, we ‘fuel up’ your account as well with extra Qlima points. Best of all, the points you earn can be used to purchase products. You can level up fast. For example: a ‘20-litre Qlima Kristal fuel can’ equals 2 Qlima points.

Questions or suggestions?

Do you have any questions regarding the Qlima Club or our conditions? Suggestions are welcome too. Please email fidelite@pvg.eu and one of our colleagues will be in touch.

Our Qlima Club

The Qlima Club has been designed by our company in appreciation of our loyal customers and our reseller partners. We are specialised in premium quality fuel and take pride in offering our customers the best products. Packed in our own patented eco-friendly packaging solution which we introduced - being the first fuel company - in 2008. Rewarding purchases is our way to say “thank you for the trust” to our loyal customers, and to new customers: “welcome to the club.”